Early Days of Birtle 1889–1890s: Charles Flower’s Album

During his life, Charles took many pictures of the Birtle area. We are grateful to his descendants for donating his photo album to the Birdtail Country Museum.

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 House and Stable
01. House and Stable
Saw Logs
02. Saw Logs
Steps to the Spring
03. Steps to the Spring
Armit Farm House
04. Armit Farm House
Curling Team
05. Curling Team
Flower's Stable
06. Flower’s Stable
Skating Rink
07. Skating Rink
Ravine Road
08. Ravine Road
Willis' House
09. Willis’ House
Birtle from Willis'
10. Birtle from Willis’
Birtle Town
11. Birtle Town
Flower Estate
12. Flower Estate
View from the NW
13. View from the NW
Rowcroft's Farm
14. Rowcroft’s Farm
S. Larcombe Farm
15. S. Larcombe Farm
Sawmill & Lumber Yard
16. Sawmill & Lumber Yard
Birtle Lake
17. Birtle Lake
 English Church
18. English Church
St. George's Church
19. St. George’s Church
Arrow Mill
20. Arrow Mill
Birtle Creamery
21. Birtle Creamery
Pearl Rowcroft
22. Pearl Rowcroft
Birtleside Farm
23. Birtleside Farm
Land Office birtle
24. Land Office birtle
Lumber Yard
25. Lumber Yard
Batchelor Quarters
26. Batchelor Quarters
The Spring
27. The Spring
Flower Residence
28. Flower Residence
 July 1st 1894
29. July 1st 1894
Indian Residential School
30. Indian Residential School
Presbyterian Choir
31. Presbyterian Choir
Doig's Store
32. Doig’s Store
 Indian Agency
33. Indian Agency
Church and Land Office
34. Church and Land Office
Vant's Hotel
35. Vant’s Hotel
River from Birtleside
36. River from Birtleside
The Lake at Birtle
37. The Lake at Birtle
Logs in the River
38. Logs in the River
Flower's on 7th Street
39. Flower’s on 7th Street
Miss Grier and Class
40. Miss Grier and Class
Train Depot
41. Train Depot
Ruth Flower
42. Ruth Flower
House Party 1889
43. House Party 1889
Birtle from NW
44. Birtle from NW
Dam on the Birdtail
45. Dam on the Birdtail
Curling Rink
46. Curling Rink