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Birtle's Veterans: World War I

Birtle Contingent 100th Grenadiers, August 1915

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Unveiling the cenotaph, October 2, 1927

For veterans who served in World War I, search for last names beginning with:  
C–R    S–W

Please feel free to contact us if you have any more information on any of these individuals.

For more information on our veterans, please refer to our history book, Passing It On, available at our library, or online at the University of Manitoba digital collections library.





Barnes, Cyril

8th Canadian Battalion, Machine Gun section
1914–1918, 1940–1945







Barnes, Sgt. Frederick

8th Canadian Battalion, Machine Gun section
Interred in Upton Wood Cemetery
1916–August 31, 1918







Barnes, William Tanner







Bicknell, James

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Copeland, Charles Stephen



Corr, James W.

Killed in action
April 1916–1918






Dimes, Albert






Dunham, C.C.

also served with the Guards in WW2





McKay, Fred

Royal Canadian Navy





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Shaw, (Dadmoen-Stanberg) Borghild

American Army







Torrie, James

Served with the Royal Highlanders, Black Watch Regiment.






Walker, Herbert







Warren, Major Oliver Quin

With the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles—B.C. Horse Calvary commissioned into the 1st British Tank Corps, and the 9th British Tank Corps
Served in Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe
August 1914–1918




Wallis, Bert


Watt, Vaughn


Wilkinson, Percy




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