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Birtle's Veterans: World War I

Birtle Contingent 100th Grenadiers, August 1915

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Birtle Volunteers WW1

  Birtle training trenches on fairgrounds 1916


Birtle Detachment, North-Western Manitoba "Grizzley Bears.”  May 1916. Second row, Left to Right: Bertie Wallis, and Charles S. Copeland, in the middle, 4th from left

  June 2, 1916. "Grizzley Bears” off to Camp Hughes for training. “Fell in at our barracks, piled our kits on Hatch's dray, the Birtle Band played us to the station, one mile, most of the town people were there to bid us farewell …” Charles Copeland memoirs

Birtle "Grizzley Bears" off to
Camp Hughes 1916
  Camp Hughes training trenches 1916


Unveiling the cenotaph, October 2, 1927

For veterans who served in World War I, search for last names beginning with:  
C–R    S–W

Please feel free to contact us if you have any more information on any of these individuals.

For more information on our veterans, please refer to our history book, Passing It On, available at our library, or online at the University of Manitoba digital collections library.





Barnes, Cyril

Son of William Tanner Barnes (below)  Private, enlisted on July 10, 1915  at age 19. Served in England and France with the 61st Battalion, 11th Reserve Battalion, 8th Battalion, Manitoba Regimental Depot, 18th Reserve Battalion, District Depot #10. Wounded at Somme Front,  Oct. 15th 1916, with shrapnel to the knee. On April 7, 1918 was awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal for Gallantry and Devotion to duty in the field. Promoted to Lieutenant.

Attestation Paper and service records: df&app=CEF&id=B0444-S055


Barnes, Sgt. Frederick

8th Canadian Battalion, Machine Gun section

Son of William Tanner Barnes (below), enlisted on  Jan. 5, 1916 at age 20. Joined 61st Battalion. Injured November 2016 with a shell concussion. Promoted to Corporal, July 2017 and awarded the Auxillary Medal. Promoted to Sargeant, November 1917.

Killed in action in France on August 31, 1918. Interred in Upton Wood Cemetery, 1916–August 31, 1918

Attestation Paper and service records:



Barnes, William Tanner

Enlisted on August 22, 1916 at age 43. Service was in Buxton, England working at the Canadian Discharge Depot, specifically in the Medical Depot. Returned to Canada, November 1919.

Attestation Paper and service records::



Bicknell, James

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Copeland, Charles Stephen

Private, enlisted on March 30, 1916 at age 18 with the 226th Battalion, served in France with the 43rd Canadian Battalion as a Gunner. Left the Battalion, September 1917, when he was transferred to the Canadian Records Office and served as a “batman” or personal servant assigned to the care of war artists Major Augustus John, Wyndham Lewis, and James Kerr Lawson. He would accompany the artists as they made sketches of the ruins in France and was the subject of some of their sketches.

Link to James Kerr Lawson:

Llink to Wyndham Lewis:

Biography and more photos

Attestation papers and service records:

LIfe in the Canadian Expedition Forces - excerpts from journals and letters written by Charles Copeland providing an indepth account of his experiences during WW1    



Corr, James W.

Private, enlisted on Oct. 26, 1915 at age 23. Joined 79th Battalion, transferred to 1st C.M.R., Fought in France. Awarded Good Conduct Badge on March 25, 1918. Died of Pneumonia on May 14, 1918

Attestation Paper and service records:




Enlisted October 29, 1916 at age of 18 with the 190th Battalion. Served in France and Belgium with the 8th Battalion. In addition to other injuries, he was badly gassed and died in the sanatorium at Ninette, Manitoba from tuberculosis in 1936.

Attestation Paper and service records:


Dimes, Albert





Dunham, C.C.

(Foxwarren) Private, enlisted on July 23, 1918  at age 26. Joined 1st Depot Battalion M.R. but never left Canada due to ending of the war. Discharged on August 19, 1918.

Attestation Paper and service records:

Also served with the Guards in WW2


McKay, Fred

Royal Canadian Navy





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Shaw, (Dadmoen-Stanberg) Borghild

American Army






Torrie, James

Served with the Royal Highlanders, Black Watch Regiment.






Walker, Herbert

Private, enlisted on March 14, 1917 at the age of 41. Killed in action in France  on August 9, 1918.

Attestation papers and service records linked below. Note the misspelling of Birtle.

A biography is listed in Wandering in Wattsview: A Wattsview History, 1879–1967

Article from the Birtle Eye Witness for September 3, 1918

Warren, Major Oliver Quin

Enlisted with the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles—B.C. Horse Calvary on August 5, 1914 at age 28. Enlisted with the overseas Canadian Expedition Forces on December 8, 1914. Commissioned into the 1st British Tank Corps, and the 9th British Tank Corps. Served in Canada, United Kingdom, and France.

Discharged from the Canadian Expedition Forces on November 1916 due to promotion to the Imperial Army. Received many medals and prestigious awards for his bravery and outstanding service. See his biography for a complete description. 

On March 16,1919 Winston Churchill mentioned Major Warren in a dispatch from Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig, “For gallant and distinguished services in the Field. I have it in command from the King to record His Majesty’s high appreciation of the services rendered."

Attestation Paper and service records:

Biography in Passing It On, at the University of Manitoba Digital Archives.

Wallis, Bert (son of W.H. Wallis)

Private, enlisted on March 17, 1916 at age 28 with the 226th Battalion, served in France with the Canadian 43rd Battalion. 

Attestation paper and service records;






Watt, Vaughn

Private, enlisted at age 24 on December 2, 1916. Joined the 28th Canadian Battalion Infantry.

Killed in action in France at age of 26 on August 8, 1918.

For extensive information on Vaughn Watt including his biography, service records and letters sent home. Original letters can be found in the museum.

See the following links:

Article from the Birtle Eye Witness for September 3, 1918


Wilkinson, Percy

Private, enlisted on April 1, 1916 at age 27. Joined the 226th Battalion and then the 43rd Cameron Highlanders. Fought in France. Reported as “dangerously wounded” on April 25, 1917. Left foot amputated due to gas gangrene and “invalided back to Canada” on Dec. 29, 1917.  Second amputation on Feb. 6, 1918 in Toronto. Discharged on August 31, 1918 as “ medically unfit” due to his injuries. Received One Gold Bar.

Attestation Paper and service records:

Link to description of gas gangrene:

Link to biography in A View of the Birdtail: A History of the Municipality of Birtle, 1878–1974


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