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Birtle Area Schools

At one time, there were up to seventeen schools in the Birtle area.

For a history of each school, visit Passing It On, A history of the RM and Town of Birtle from 1884 to 2009, available in the library or online at the University of Manitoba's

To see a larger image of the photos of the schools, click on the image.


Bayfield School and Cairn

Birtle Brick, Stone and Blue Schools

Blenheim School

Buckleyville Cairn and School

Burdette School, Cairn, and Teacher Miss Kemp


Dowsford School Plaque


Dunstan School and Cairn

Eckford School Plaque


Indian Residential Schools

Old School 1894

For more images of the schools go to Residential School


Lansburne School

Mount Joy School Cairn

Rothesay School Cairn and Sign


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