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Moments in Birtle History: Birtle Bands

In 1888, J.A. Markle and others donated $110 and got the support of the Town Council, which agreed to supply the balance of $75 and purchase instruments for the Birtle Brass Band. An orchestra was also formed in the 1880s with perhaps many of the same players. The bands played locally as well as in competitions.

Some Band Leaders were:
Herb Walker 1902
W.C. Knowles 1930’s
Reuban Olson1930’s

See also Passing It On, page 149-150

To view a larger image, click on the photo. All photos by A.J. Lawrence.


Birtle Band 1905






Birtle Band 1933
(left to right) Jim Hough, Art Olson, Art Mason, Reuben Olson, Bill Walker, Dean Robinson





Brass Band 1934

Reuben "Ollie" Olson, leader (centre)





Birtle Band Concert 1936








Birtle Band in the Park 1940





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