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Birtle Cemeteries

The Old Birtle Cemetery was in use as early as 1880 and is located on the south hill across the road from Alfred and Adelaide Morton’s homestead.

There are currently only four markers still standing in the cemetery (April 2018). Bernice Still, a local historian from the Isabella area took an inventory a few years ago when 12 markers were visible and recorded the text written on each one. There are recollections that at one time the cemetery was full of markers and wooden crosses.

On Nov. 5, 1884 provision was made to officially designate this cemetery a public cemetery. Steps were taken to officially close the old cemetery in 1897.

Here is the Inventory compiled by Bernice Still for the Old Cemetery:

Directions: The Old Cemetery is located on the south hill, west of town. Proceed along Lundy street to the last stop sign. Follow road 1 block south, turn right until the road turns south. The cemetery is on your right.

“New” Birtle Cemetery 1891–present

In October 1888 Messrs. Hallen, Murdoch and Patterson were appointed as a committee to select a new cemetery site. 

On August 7, 1890, the cemetery committee, T.F. Patterson, J.H. Roseborough, W.T. Mitten and H.A. Manwaring recommended the purchase of 10 acres square on the south east corner of S.W. 1/4 section 5, Twnshp 17, Range 26, for $300.00.

So it appears that both cemeteries were in use for a time.

On November 4, 1891, Town Council passed By-law No. 65 to provide care and management of the Birtle Cemetery. The Cemetery Committee at this time was headed by John Walley. This role became a Walley family tradition as later John E. Walley and then Ernest C. Walley handled this service in the 1960s and 70s.When the present day Birtle and District Cemetery was established in the early 1890s many families chose to move their loved ones to the new site located east of town.


Alfred and Adelaide Morton buried three of their children who died in infancy by a large oak tree on their homestead. The tree is visible from the southwest side of road, around the bend from the old Birtle Cemetery.

A plaque was recently erected in 2017 at the Morton headstone in the Birtle Cemetery in memory of these three children.





Old Birtle Cemetery Markers