Designating Heritage Sites

Heritage sites are vital parts of our past that remain with us in the present.

One way to help ensure that they survive to become a part of the future is by designating them as heritage sites, and there are over 350 such sites in Manitoba, ranging from churches and grand houses to industrial buildings, bridges, parks and natural sites.

Municipally designated sites are considered to have significance to the broader community; this significance may stem from a connection to important people or events, or it may be that a building is a particularly good example of a style or type. Designation is an honour, and signifies that the site owner is committed to maintaining the site’s condition and integrity so that it may continue to play its role as a bearer of memory in the community.

The following information should be consulted before considering designation, and if a site owner has any questions they are encouraged to contact the Carman/Dufferin Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee for further information.